Place a Locate Request

And Manage Your Locate Tickets

Always remember to place your locate requests at least 3 working days before you dig.

Missouri law requires that any person excavating notify Missouri 811 at least three but not more than ten working days before beginning work, except in the case of an emergency. Remember, state and federal holidays are NOT considered a working day.


For digging projects big or small, you need to contact Missouri 811 at least 3 working days before you start digging.

Notify Missouri 811

This date does not count as a “working day.”

Waiting Period

Two working days waiting period for locates.

Dig With Care

Digging may begin if all utilities have responded. If all utilities have not responded, you may submit a “No Response” ticket.


I'm a Homeowner

I’m planning to dig on my own property.

I'm a Contractor

I’ve been hired to complete a project on someone else’s property.

Ticket Submission Instructional Videos

Utility Members

Remember to keep your IMAP up to date. By statute, you are required to update your maps once per year.

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